I would like to delete certain products that I do not distribute or represent

We import into your VirtualStore all the products of a given brand on our portals.

You cannot delete a product.

However, you can DEACTIVATE it. A deactivated product will no longer appear online, but will remain visible (grayed out) on your interface.

There are two ways to proceed:

Deactivation of products one at a time => On the home page, click the logo of the brand in question. All the brand's products are displayed.

You can deactivate them one at a time by clicking the  symbol to the upper right of each product.

Deactivation of products by category => While on your management interface, go to the Products tab. You will see the list of categories and sub-categories in which you have products.

You can deactivate an entire category by clicking the  symbol at the upper right of the corresponding section. Similarly, you can deactivate a sub-category by unchecking the box in front of the sub-category . 

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